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Choosing the right mattress

The world of mattresses is defined principally by their homing construction : be it a spring, foam or latex structure, we have the latest in best-practise products. Additionally, our range also includes the natural Sembella mattress, consisting of a heart made of natural rubber and coatings of wool, peat, linen or straw. You'll also find bedding, pillows and duvets adapted in our furniture store to suit highly specific requests.

Furthermore, we are the exclusive representative of Lattoflex for the North of Luxembourg, which garners a pioneering technology of coating hülsta systems.  Feel free to try them on the spot! Our qualified vendors will help you choose the right mattress.

At rest in your Boxpring bed

Commonly known as the Rolls Royce among bed designs, our selection of Boxspring beds offer several engaging features – stacked one on top of the other – offering maximum comfort. A Boxspring bed usually has a thickness of 70-80 cm and is therefore particularly suitable for people who have difficulty getting out of bed. The comfort is comparable to that which you feel in the best hotels in the world!

In our wide variety of beds from which to choose from you will find industry leading brands such as Ruf, Femira, hülsta and Lattoflex.


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