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The kitchen is the living and life centre of every home. The kitchen is where the family meets, friends are invited, people laugh, play and celebrate. With a kitchen from prisma - meine Küche! this concept works perfectly.
Great design, smart solutions for everyday life and thanks to the advice of your kitchen professional, everything is tailored exactly to your needs.
We say: Welcome to the heart of life!


Modern Style

The modern kitchen style captivates through the skilful interplay of colours, clear lines, state-of-the-art communication technology, material and surface structure. Whether large room settings or compact concepts - modern kitchens make many things possible.



Classic Style

The classic style is characterised by a neutral design and the use of classic materials. These include, for example, natural wood, glass and natural stone. In combination with clear shapes, these materials are particularly timeless and adapt easily to any other furnishing style.



Country house flair

Country kitchens are definitely among the things that survive timeless trends and that you won't get tired of even after years. This style is characterised by many loving details and stands for cosiness with a nostalgic flair. The connection to a region and a traditional lifestyle is optimally expressed with a country house kitchen and can be effectively emphasised with the appropriate accessories. Country house on the outside, state-of-the-art features on the inside, that too is typical of prisma - my kitchen!



Handleless kitchens

Today, handles are more than practical opening options for cupboards and drawers; they are a design element. However, if you prefer a more purist style of furnishing or cannot decide on specific handles, a modern handleless kitchen is the perfect choice.



Our Prisma services for you

Services such as personal advice and professional installation are the yardstick by which our competence is measured. And that's why you can always expect more from your prisma kitchen specialist. We take the time for personal consultation, going into every last detail, not only when measuring at your home. In addition, you receive the prisma Plus package with every prisma kitchen.



Prisma Plus package

When you choose a prisma kitchen, you can always expect a little more:
More advice, more service and - more EXTRAS.
What others might charge extra for is already included with prisma:
1 Moisture protection shelf, so that if something goes wrong, nothing goes wrong.
2 plastic cutlery inserts, so that your kitchen utensils have enough space and you have a better overview.
Up to 3 anti-slip mats to keep contents where they should be.
Others call these "extras", we call them the prisma Plus package.


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